About this Site

What is this Blog (Web Log) about any way? It’s mostly about the Great Lakes and Northern Railroad. But there certainly will be some side tracks (No Pun intended, well maybe there was) along the way.

The Great Lakes and Northern Railroad has been in my heart and mind for the better part of thirty years. Life got in the way of ever making it that way I dreamed it would be. We lived in a nice but smaller house and I always knew we would move. Who knew, it would take twenty three years to move? The kids had Scouts, soccer, football, piano lessons, and school projects. Louise worked, kept the house and had the kids and I always had work, school, computers and lots of volunteer work to keep me side tracked. We were and are a busy family.

So what about the Railroad? I’m glad you ask. We now have the house we have always wanted, some place where we can entertain and we do. More importantly it has the basement I always envisioned, an area for the Museum (my railroad artifacts), someplace for my railroad picture collection (Now called “The Art Gallery”), an office, a shop and a train area. A place where I can build that museum quality layout that I know is in me. This is what this Blog is going to be about and don’t forget we’ll get side tracked just for the fun of it. (Pun intended)



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