Great Lackawanna Northern Railway

Posted on November 7, 2008 by Andrew MacVie

There are other great railroads out there and from time to time I will introduce you to them. The Great Lackawanna Northern Railway is one of these railroads. I had the privilege of being an operator on this railroad for the better part of twelve years. I was the Trainmaster at the North Wilkesboro yard. The Cellar Dwellers is the name of the group of guys who operate this railroad. All members of the Cellar Dwellers are members of the Amalgamated Brothel, Fence & Railroad Operators Local 4. Because of my schedule, I had to resign my position with the Cellars Dwellers but I maintain my affiliation with the union, it has its perks. (HeeHee).

Paul Wischerath is President and owner of this great line. Paul also operates the Amherst Superior Fence Company which gets in the way of operating the railroad but hey we all have to sacrifice something to do the things we like. Paul is an artist but he just doesn’t know it. Check out some of the fence work he has done, it’s just amazing.

Paul commissioned me to video his railroad and in the process he changed my name to Cecil as in Cecil B. DeMille. You can see this epic if you click on Video Tour (give it a second to load) on his website. Enjoy!


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