Dry and Warm

Posted on November 9, 2008 by Andrew MacVie

Where did all of the stuff go? Well it is now filling the Gallery, storage and shop areas. It had to go somewhere, the contractors need some room to work.

One of the things you need to do if you are going to use your basement for anything important is to keep it dry and make it warm. I had done that in the old house so I wanted to do it here. I found this material on the net called DRIcoreĀ®. It is manufactured in Canada and I was assured by the factory that it would raise the temperature of my basement floor by 6 degrees without any carpet. We just had to figure out how to install it. It uses tongue and groove to connect to each other and you need to leave a 1/8 of an inch gap around the edges. It's called a floating floor.

My brother John tipped me off that I could get a discount at Home Depot on different materials including DRIcoreĀ®, if I mentioned I was a veteran. It has to be on the 4th of July, Labor Day or some day that they set a side for their sale. So guess what I did Labor Day? Anyway I asked for it and I got it. Great job Bro..........

The DRIcoreĀ® is coming along nicely. I have decided to cover it with a pad and carpeting but in the bathroom itself I will use something different. The floor feels warmer already. I hope it's that way in the winter. We'll see.

There is a lot of this to go down, more then 1,600 square feet.


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