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Posted on November 10, 2008 by Andrew MacVie

Some of the readers of this blog ask me to provide some kind of drawing of the basement. This PDF file is the sketch that I used to help design the lighting layout. The sketch is not to scale nor is everything in the correct place. There are walls near the stairs they are not just hanging there. I know the quality is not the best but I don't have time to do a good drawing.

sketch-of-basement-updated (Click here to open sketch)

I am including in this post my original "To Do List" the one that got me started and the current one. I know it seems that it is taking a long time to get trains running. The planning has to come first and I have waited thirty years to do this I am not about to drop the ball now. If the creek don't raise and the good Lord willing I may have some engines running in the main yard by Christmas. Maybe.

Train Room Project

Things that need to be done:

A) Room

  • Repair basement wall and re-drywall
  • Stud and drywall remaining walls
  • Stud and drywall bathroom area/freight house or station look.
  • Two sinks (one bathroom, one paint booth area)
  • One toilet
  • Exhaust fan system
  • Two walls out to and around poles
  • Stud and drywall garage stairway (near shop)
  • Finish door from gallery to unfinished area
  • Drop ceiling
  • Lights …….use of Holophane fixtures, Use of to 2X4’s in bathroom. ?? Track Lighting??
  • Light fixture for shop area

B) Power

  1. One circuit for Basement lights
  2. One circuit for train lights
  3. One circuit for train controls
  4. One circuit for tools
  5. One circuit for shop area

Electrical Sub panel?

C) Heating issue – two ducts - maybe a third in gallery area (Please recommend)

Flooring - Carpet

This is the current Planning List

Updated Layout “To Do” List

Electric and Heat

Finish heating duct in “Gallery”

Finish wiring “Shop”

Wiring needs to be put in place for future Air Compressor

Wire “Modeling Area” in Office (Outlets ordered)

Wire in Timer/dimmer system

Install lights and valence (both fluorescent and incandescent)

Test lighting system


Organize shop area

Install Table saw

Make room for future Milling machine

Install task lights as needed

Make place for compressed air line

Bench Work

1.Bench work in office

2.Outside of office


Stop and redesign, then continue with construction

Address layout wiring issues

1.One - 110 line for tool use through entire layout

2.One – line run through entire layout for building lighting

3.One – line run through entire layout for powering trains

a.All power drops

b.Switch machines

c.Stationary decoders

4.One – line run through entire layout for signaling trains

Setup and organize the following areas

1.Office modeling area


3.Bar area

Computer – Network

1.Install server

2.Install printer – use M4 or purchase new????

3.Install scanner

4.Install monitor with two screens

5.unit for 32” TV system across for bar

6. connect layout to use on layout


Review small photo boxes - need pricing




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