Road Trip

Posted on November 14, 2008 by

I am on a road trip to Massachusetts. My road buddy Bob Barrett and I drove yesterday to Peabody, Mass to see George Sellios\’s layout of the Franklin & South Manchester Railroad. There is no other way to describe this layout other than truly amazing. It is on a scale of Aberfoyle Junction and you can debate for a long time which is better. George’s is so detailed you almost don’t want the trains in the way. Aberfloye on the other hand has a lot of detail, day and night lighting, and trains that look like they belong there. This debate will go on for a long time.

Bob and I are in Massachusetts to attend the Craftsman Structure Show in Mansfield. Today we attend lectures by people like Dave Revelia on painting figures, Brent Gailent from Sierra West lectured on detail casting, Russ Greene from NE Brown Stone, lectured on weathering castings. Bob Mitchell is an artist and freelance writer (writes product reviews for Model Railroader Magazine) who gave funny and very entertaining clinics on basic modeling, fun clinic and finally Mr. Scener, Dave Frary lectured on modeling water. The man is just amazing. Tomorrow will be another great day.


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