The Basement Changes

Posted on November 20, 2008 by Andrew MacVie

This is a great picture of the framing in of the basement walls. Not only do you get to see the outside walls framed in. You can also see the two new walls that start at the outside wall and come out to cover the poles. This will eliminate any pole from being in the way. These two walls are only put there to be the sky board for the layout. The DRIcore floor looks great.

I don't want the outside of the bathroom to look like a bathroom, anybody can have a bathroom that looks like a bathroom. I wanted the outside of the bathroom to look like a train station or a freight house. I think we are going to go for the freight house look.This is a test to see what we can do. This is also a good shot of the way the bathroom and the paint booth will be. Paint booth to the right and bathroom to the left.

Jay and Mike are great to work with. Anything I throw at them they come up with an answer. This one they throw at me. "How about a window in the bathroom." A window?????

My poor shuffle board table has become a work bench. It's a good thing that I put cardboard on top of it.

OK the window stays. Here it is framed in. Still another good shot of the bathroom and the Paint Booth. Window???? I don't want curtains in a freight house. I need to do something different here.

We need to frame in the heating duct so we won't see it. Some many details to remember.


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