Coming Along Great

Posted on November 21, 2008 by Andrew MacVie

If you look into the studs you can see that the plumbing is in place. The red device with the white pipes come out of it, is the waste pump yet to be installed.

Here is another look at the plumbing from the paint booth side. Note that the drywall is starting to go up and the electrical switches and outlet boxes are in place.

As you can see we are going to need more drywall. What you don't see is off camera there is another pile of drywall waiting to be installed. The wood structure on top is to hide the main heating duct

This is a shot looking at the paint booth with it's plumbing all closed in. Note the whole in the wall to the right. I told Mike and Jay that they didn't have to be really concerned with the walls as I was only going to put holes in them anyway. They were a little perplexed by the statement, until I explained to them that this is where the trains will run through. So they designed the holes for me. Pretty cool!!!

Here we started the plastering of the walls. Note the train hole and the heating duct in the ceiling is hidden nicely.

This is a good shot of all three rooms. On the left you can see the waste pump in the first room sitting in front of the paint booth. We have not installed that baby yet. You can also see the the poles are gone, hidden in the walls. I have never known what to call these rooms. I have started calling the room to the left, room one, then room two and finally I call the last room "The Bar Area" I'll bet you can't guess why.


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