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Well there has been so much that has passed since my last Post. But, before I start to rumble on about my layout, a quick “Thank You” to my friend Bob Franke for working with me to get this blog back up and running. Thanks Bob!!

I will start to get everyone updated on the layout a little at a time, mostly because I will have to get some pictures ready as well, so let start with some great train events that I have been at lately.

It has been a great year for trains for me. I had the privilege of attending my first NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The convention was just amazing, I was able to visit and operate some truly great layouts, attend the National Train Show, go to some very impressive clinics, and generally just immerse myself in the hobby.

One of the first train books that I ever purchase was “How to Operate your Model Railroad” by Bruce Chubb’s. His layout is in Grand Rapids and was open to the public. So, I not only had the opportunity to see Bruce Chubb’s 2600sqft layout, but I actually got to run it. Bruce and his wife Jan were just a pleasure to visit with. For me, this was a dream come true. 

 Bruce's Upper Deck  Dispatch Panel

Another spectacular layout that I was able to visit was the White Creek Railroad. I was able to grab this description from Russ’s website.

On May 1, 2000 the railroad statistics included 5 miles of mainline with 6.5 miles total track, over 1000 feet of trestles, 190+ switches, bi-directional running with 30 passing sidings, 30 signal blocks, 27 industry spurs, 2 yards, and 9 junctions.

The White Creek Railroad is a private 7.5-inch gauge track constructed by Russ and Mara Eldred and is located in a rural country setting in Western Michigan on approximately 120 acres of land. The track meanders through densely wooded hills and open fields, across marshy lowlands and nearly encompasses two picturesque lakes.

I met Russ and was able to spend some time with him asking him all kinds of questions about his layout. Russ invited me to come back to one of their operation meets next year. Now, how do I fix that in the schedule? Russ also arranged a private train ride around the layout for me with one of his trusted engineers, Lou. Lou showed me the whole layout, even parts that had been off limits on the general tour. Thanks Russ and Lou.

 Sliding Steamer 




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