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These pictures are just some of the contest entries at the National Convention.

N Scale Tree Mill Framing  City

After such a great time at National, I decided to see what a regional convention was all about. Although, I belong to the International Division of the Niagara Frontier Region, it was easier and quicker for me to go to the North East Regions Convention in Syracuse, NY. I didn’t make a mistake there. It was just like the National Convention, only smaller. The fact that it was smaller did not diminish the fun. I was able to visit some great layouts there as well; two of them were being photographed for national magazines. The clinics were on par with the national clinics, plus I won some prizes from the auction that the local division held. As it turned out I couldn’t be there when they announced the winners so one of the guys I met there, Glen Mitchell, who is from New Hampshire pick them up for me. Glen was able to meet my son in Concord, NH. AJ lives in Concord. Now that worked well; thank you Glen and AJ.

Below are some pictures from one of the layout tours in Syracuse.

Syracuse 1 Syacuse 2 Syacuse 3 Syacuse 4
   Syacuse 5  freight  

My last trip was with my friend Bob Barrett. We traveled to Amish Country in Lancaster Pennsylvania and attended the Fine Scale Model Craftsman Show. Bob and I have attended this show before when it was held in Massachusetts, a couple of years ago. This show is about the Fine Scale Craftsman Models and not some much about the trains. They have two kinds of clinics, hands-on and lecture type. We attend four of the hands-on and three or four of the lecture clinics. The clinics were fun and informative, some better than others, all and all, a great time. The vendor show is always great because you get to meet and visit with the owners of the companies; always very educational. I also got to visit with Mike Tylick and hear one of his lectures; Mike is always very informative and has an easy, relaxed way of presenting. It is always fun to visit with him.

On Saturday evening, “A Night at the Train Museum” awards dinner was held in the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, directly across the street from the Strasburg Train Station. What an amazing way to have dinner for a bunch of train people.

Hey..... I didn't forget to "Thank Bob" one more time. Thanks, buddy.


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