The Start of the Updates

Posted on November 5, 2012 by Andrew MacVie

Ok, so let’s get started with the updates, when we last left our project we had gotten the lighting system in place and we needed to get the valance and bench work up and in place. Well, that part of the project is still in progress. So many different projects have taken precedence, traveling to three conventions; summer itself, the first grandchild and a decision to redo the shuffleboard have all eaten into the time.

  But, one of the projects that did help to complete my vision of a model railroad was the installation of a complete sound system throughout the basement. Every room has a pair of Polk ceiling speakers installed, plus an extra pair of floor speakers is in my model shop area for a total of twelve speakers. This was a very time-consuming project. The people who live above me complained about the sound coming through the floor, so I had to go back and install some sound deadening material over each speaker, another very time consuming project, but we are finished with that part of the system.

A new Onkyo TX-8050 amplifier and a Niles SSVC-6  speaker switch completes the sound system. The amplifier has the ability to supply two sound sources at once, which means I will be able to play 1940’s music in the Gallery/Museum and still be able to provide ambient sounds in the layout area. Which I think is pretty cool. The speaker switch allows me the ability to turn on and off different pairs of speakers, or adjust their volume. When the kids want to watch television I just turn off the Gallery/Museum and shuffleboard area speakers and they are all set. I still have the rest of the basement bathed in my music.

When there is a train operating system in place, I hope to have most of the ambient sounds coming from the layout itself, and then the overhead system will be used to provide music and commercials from the 1940’s. The music part, I think I have a handle on but the commercials will be something different. I have a longtime friend in commercial radio here in Buffalo. Bill Lacy from WHTT 104.1; Bill is their morning guy. He and I have talked about working together on some kind of project to make the sound system sound like 1940’s radio. I think this will be a truly fun project to work with Bill on; by the way, Bill is a model railroader. I am looking forward to this project.


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