Chuck made me do it.

Posted on January 11, 2019 by Andrew MacVie

My friend Chuck Stancil from Logic Rail Technologies made me realize that I really should be updating my blog. So here goes: My lovely bride of 40 plus years purchased my air compressor some years ago. Compressor in the garage However, this year she got me a compress air system (I had to give her the information) She got it at Rockler Woodworking my second hobby shop. I am not much of a woodworker, but I dabble in it. They have a lot of cool things that I use for building my model railroad. Their bench cookies are great just don't eat any. 
The RapidAir Maxline M3800 ½” Master kit was a perfect gift how did she ever know that I would like one HAHAHA!
I now have all the compressed air I need in the woodshop and in my paint booth. 
Thanks Chuck!

This is the woodshop.
The yellow hose at the top is from the compressor is from the garage. The blue hose at the top goes to the paint booth. The regulator and the yellow spring coil hose (at the bottom) is for work in the wood shop.




Paint Booth
There is plenty of air for my paint booth. Yes, I do have a water trap on my air brush air line. 



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