The Start

Posted on November 5, 2008 by Andrew MacVie

The New House

We had to start with this first. Now that we have the house we have been looking for, for over five years we can begin. The fact that the house is a ranch has two advantages for me one: everything is on one floor and that makes my wife very happy and two: everything is on one floor that makes the basement all mine. Perfect!!!

Move in day Oct, 2007 - This is the area outside of my office. Where did we have all of this in the old house? That’s a great question.

My Office - There was carpeting in the Gallery, Museum and the storage area but not the office when we moved in.My office is 11 feet wide by 35 feet long. The plan is to set up my office and a modeling area as well as a train yard for the layout in this room. But a lot has to be done before we can start the layout.

The new bathroom - This is the area just to the right of my office door. What you are looking at is the new bathroom. Although it is plumbed for a full bath, I am only putting in a half bath. The pipes in the floor are where the fixtures will go and they all flow to the tank that is embedded into the concrete floor. There will be a pump added to the tank to pump the water up to the waste line.


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